Learn why top brands and professionals choose to work with Carlos Rodal and his team of expert curators to find the perfect works for their contemporary art needs.

Carlos Rodal for Trade Professionals

Carlos Rodal provides complimentary and comprehensive art advisory services for hoteliers, property developers, corporate, architects and designers, restauranteurs and institutions. Our commitment is to partner with you to carefully choose or produce extraordinary artworks for your client and business needs, while also helping you meet budget and overall design concept goals.

Work with an expert curator for all your art needs

If you are a trade professional we can support your current and future projects. Our seasoned curators work with trade professionals around the world to meet their specific client’s needs with unparalleled variety and quality of original artwork.

Our Services

  • Free expert curation and advisory
  • World–class shipping experience
  • Custom sizes and new commissioned works
  • Custom curation and art packages for each property/project
  • A dedicated sales team to manage every aspect of your order
  • Tier trade discounts
  • Discounts on larg orders
  • Custom framing

Benefits of working with Carlos Rodal

  • Tailor-made proposals
  • Trusted and reputable artist

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