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Art definitions:

–Proposal number one of N possible definitions of art: Art is the fascinating, transforming development of a double triad composed of conceptual-poetic-constructive elements, on one side, and spirit-mind-body  elements on the other side. From their own realm, elements from these two triads pass through matter, and coalesce finally into a work bestowed with qualities that endow it with permanent validity for all humankind.

–Proposal number two: The conceptual and poetic expression of the human mind, body and spirit through material media.

My work establishes a connection between the Western Art and ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, reflecting a personal language. It can be recognized for its brightly-colored and synthesized compositions, abstract and figurative, characterized for their celebration and praise of life. I am located in the actual global/local culture, incorporating the expressions of both native and distant cultures, past and present, with a deep connection to the roots of millenarian civilizations.

My motivation has been to push the structure and systems of the language of visual arts to their very limits, in harmony with the transfiguration of formal elements, allowing me to create, using these techniques, my own manner of expression.

One of my purposes is to revitalize the traditional painting and sculpture through the deconstruction of visual languages and formal resources.

From my youth, I approached the execution of my art as my life’s calling, which has driven me to use the corpus of my work as a way of expressing personal visions that come as a result of observation, thought, intuition, the subconscious, and imagination.

Considering these factors, I pretend to inspire the viewer to interact with the work, which projects an energy and poetry of its own, breathing life into processes that benefit the daily life of the community as well as granting a deeper understanding of reality and the mysteries of existence.

Translated by Enrique Moreno

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