Museo de las Artes de la Universidad de Guadalajara
Journeys Brooklyn-Manhattan
Rothko Routes
Nocturne of the Amazon Rainforest
Study of Water Flow
From the life of the Butterflies
Flower and Arrow
The Singing of the Caribbean Coral
Water Study of Landfill
Paths of what it is
From the life of the Bees
Register of the Jurassic
Telepathic Exercises
Deer Runing through a Time Tunnel
Dialogue with Joseph Beuys
The boat of J. M. W. Turner
Wayfarer Makes Path
Events in the Humidity
Marine Plant with Labellum
Micelio, the Biggest Living Thing
Flower of the Estuaries
Venus Flytrap
Projection of V in Zen
Apis Koan
Extraction of a Cupid Arrow
Huautla Bracero
Jazz Club in Greenwich Village
Nocturnal of the Amazon Rainforest
Transmission to Outer Space
Derivation of Nierika´s Nocturne
Night of Nierika and Portrait
Paleolithic Postcard
Eagle’s Growth
Trajectories of Space Probes
The Birth of Zeus
Eros Territory
Stalking in the Day Dreaming
Palace of Knossos
Naked in Foreshortening
The Bonfire of Lightning
Noon in the Corn Fields
Dancing Deers
Magnetic Flows of the Planet Earth
Rough Sea
Nocturnal on the High Seas
Cosmic Symphony
Domestication of Teocintle Plant
Soft Surf in the Outer Space
Large Open Curtain
X, Y, Z, Coordinates
Volcano of Colima from Carrizalillos
Nocturnal Fluid of the Volcano of Colima
Nocturnal of Oil Refinery from a Port
Indian Symphony
Cosmic Mirror
Tom Thumb Bean Plant