Museo de las artes de la Universidad de Guadalajara
Zwing of Zen. The Being Ink
Epopeya de la flor de loto
Manifestation. The Seed of the Big Bang
Galactic Germination of Constellations
Recharge and Restart
Southern Cross
Soft Wind for Ghies, Octavio and Carlos
Tepee into the Work
Day in the Corn Field
Casa habitación
Development of the Syntax in the Plastic Arts
Behind the Threshold
The Holy Love of the Children
In an Outside Region
Sensing the Trace of ‘Higgs Boson’
Of the Stellar Plantings
Cosmic Seeds
Tree Sapling in a Galactic Orchad
Tree Seedlings Dialogue
Delta, Indigo and Gravitational Field
The Being of the Spring Flowering
Full Girl Harvesting Flowers
Urbi et Orbi
Badge for the Earth
The Day of the Crossing ‘Final River’
Several Dimensions and Signal of ‘Higgs Boson’
Territorry of Physique and ‘Strings Theory’ (A Jöel Scherk y John Henry Schwarz)
Deer Hearings
Profile of a Maya, Interfernce Patterns and Strings
Bucephalus Iron
Beuys Was Here, althoug Duchamp Never Came
Carthography of a River Course (About Leonardo)
Phases (Badge Proposal for CERN)
T I Say and Confluence of Underground Rivers and Strings of the T. of C. (About Palenque)
Carthography of the Blue River and Horns
Development of Sacred Sap
Grand Melting Pot of the Subatomic Particles
Vision in the Volcano of Colima
Vision Facing the ‘Colima Volcano’
Nature Opening Oneself
Continuous and Permanent Movement of the ‘Sap’
Ride in Jet, ‘Higgs Boson’ Trace and the Gate Zero
Aerial Garden as Manifestation of Higgs Field
Throne of Clove, Deer Head and Strings (To Jöel Scherk y John Henry Schwarz)
The Logos of Deer and Bird
About the Formation of the Universe
Landscape of the Mountain and Particles Entanglement (To the mara’akames)
Of the Ethereal, Time = Space (To Albert Eintein)
Rabbit, Hourglass and Gravitational Network
Antler Monolith and its Replica in Another Dimension
Mount of Venus and the Electromagnetic Force
Irradiation of the soul of the Rose in the Center of a Galaxy.
Gliph-Fish-Deer and Entanglement of Particles
Daylight on May 26. Celebration!
Gravitation of the Dynamic Glyph and Particles Entanglement
Three X, Luminous Tree and Cross
My Little dog is a Loving Little Deer
Gravitatatonial Fields
Blue Agave and Ranch House (To J. M. W. Turner)
Agave in Bloom (To Georges Mathieu)
Great Blue Night Physics for the 21st Century (To the Phisics)
Psyche follows a defined course towards the origin
Curvature of Space-Time by Gravitational Waves
Trajectories of Stars and Planets from a Point in Space-Time
Birth of the Earth
Nocturnal Magnetic Aurora
Magnetic Ship in a Navigable Night
Epic and Trajectory of Quetzalcoatl
Sprout of Tulips
Diagram of a Magnetic Graffiti and interlacing of two particles (To Niels Bohr)
Scheme of Gravitational Pull (To Albert Einstein)
Moon Action (To Wifredo Lam)
Triangulation of Circle with Presence of the Jungle
Unfoldment of Space and Cubits (To Roberto Matta)
Marine that Unfolds (A J. M. W. Turner)
The Curvature of Space-Time (Saturday of Glory)
Mouth of Polen and a Kind of Labellum
Cavity and Labellum Flower (To Francesco Clemente)
Fairys Little Flowers
Ship with Quantum Properties (To Mamá Julia)
Current of the Colima Volcano as a Methaphor of Physical Science
Landscape of Tequila, Jalisco and Entanglement of two Pairs of Particles
Visit of the Eagle During my Visit to Washington D.C.