Galería Airesis
When the four forces of Universe were Separeted
Volutes with Gliph
Diagram of Night Dialogue
Start of the ‘Big Bang’ content in universes
Volutes and Balloons (Fragment of a Current Codex)
The House of the Marakame
Leda and the Zwan II
Fractal of the Development of Life
Hearings of the Deer
Ruby Roses
Sidereal Projection Through a Tepee
The Pollen of Flowers and their Buttons
The Earth Traveling in the Space-time Network
Ancient Pastures
Nucleosynthesis and generation of Nierika
The Legend of the Orchid and the Volcano
Mitre and Graphia about Beuys
Luminous Route
Field Suture
The Gold of the Butterflies
The Gold of Balloons
Favorable Winds
The River and its Derivations
The pulse of “Strength”
Study of Water as Fluid
Vibration of Polyhedral Gems
The Arrow of Time
The Warp of Time
Entrance to Dimensional Portal
Corn Plant Growth
Vibrating Floral Buttons
September 15
Mexican Party
Framing of the Milky Way
Gravitational Force of a Portal
Evening on the Mountain
Breezes from Holland
Feline Perception and Vision
Luminous Plants
Inmediation of Wirikuta
Pluvial River and Cosmic River
Navigating with Star Signs
Nacane Saliling
The ray of Pure Gold
Crown of the Corn Plant and Cobs
Field of Tulips
Easter and Ascension
Spring Season
The Memory of the Seed