The house of Mara’akame
Cosmic River
Night of the Luminous Jungle
From an Observatory, Sidereal Nocturnal
Prodigy of the jungle
Mater Naturae
Mater Naturae Matinal
Lianas and Light Pods
Translation of gestation
Traces of the Translation of Gestation
Mesoamerican Regions
Sinuous antlers of the cardinal points
From the Sahara and the oasis (Of the Development Africa)
Gestures in the Savannas (Of the Development Africa)
Jaguar’s Place
Winged Deer
Portrait of the World (Of the development Africa)
Jungle of Stars (To Octavio Paz)
Moon’s Lanterns
Postcard of Rajasthan, India
Postcard from India II
Passage of Tamatz K.
Nacimiento doble: de la mazorca y la flor de calabaza
The Vision of Constantine
Dutch Renaissance
Fullness in the Marian Horizon
Development of Organic Transmitters (To Joseph Beuys)
From the Birth of the Jungle
The Real Flutter of the Eagle
Nocturne Space of Giverny
Luminous Crown of Laurel for J. M. Basquiat
Frozen Place References
Lightning that Gleams with a Leonard Bridge
Three Mirrors of Master Velázquez, Three
Deer Piligrimage
Tesla’s Coils
Generator that you activate when observing
Deer’s Dance
Depositary Guardian Plant
The Pearl of the ‘Pearl Girl’
Tipi on Barge