Rodal Carlos, 1964 —
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Contemporary painter and sculptor

Maintains studios work-shops in both Guadalajara Jalisco and Brooklyn New York.

He received his training from painters and architects (including his own father) in his native city, where he studied architecture at the ITESO University and painting at the Casa de la Cultura de Jalisco in Guadalajara.

He has lived in Mexico, the United States, and Europe.

Carlos Rodal defines art as: “The conceptual and poetic expression of the human mind and spirit through material media.”

He is part of the generation of plastic artists that emerged in the early 90’s as heirs to the various genres of vanguards, placed in modernism (tradition and rupture)—the so-called contemporary movement, which paved the way for late twentieth century postmodernism and early twenty-first century ultramodernism.

Like many of his colleagues, he has made use of the deconstruction of formal elements such as frames, bases, and surfaces; recycled materials and objects; and new techniques and technologies to breathe new life into traditional painting and sculpture. The result of these endeavors has been the formation of composite assemblage and mixed medias.

Carlos Rodal defines art as –
“The conceptual and poetic expression of the human mind
and spirit through material media.”

Another vital characteristic of his work is the incorporation and merging of expressions arising from both local and foreign cultures of the past and present (cultural nomadism), together with everyday occurrences of the modern world. Special attention has his interest and study in the Mesoamerican civilizations; and expression and cosmogony of the Huichols and Mazateca ethnic Mexican groups.

From his youth, Rodal has approached the execution of his art as his life’s calling, which has driven him to use the corpus of his work as a way of expressing his personal visions—visions that come as a result of observation, thought, intuition, the subconscious, and imagination.

His motivation has been to push the structure and systems of the language of plastic arts to their very limits, in harmony with the transfiguration of formal elements, allowing him to create, using these techniques, his own manner of expression.

The author approaches each new work with complete naturalness, drawing on freedom, fresh viewpoints, reflection, and meditation, while striving for clarity of interpretation as well as quality of workmanship.

The result is never-before-seen works composed of figurative and/or abstract elements and characterized for their celebration and praise of life.

These factors inspire the viewer to interact with the work, which projects an energy of its own, breathing life into processes that benefit the daily life of the community as well as granting a deeper understanding of reality and the mysteries of existence.

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