Sculpture proposal program

  1. Relate the essences of the four elements: earth, water, fire, air, to geography and urban and/or natural landscape, flora and fauna, for the space assigned to the project.
  2. Develop the proposal, bearing in mind integration with the existing environment and the new architectural project, if applicable.
  3. The proposal as the hub of development for sculptures for outdoor spaces:
    1. Main idea of the work Original, unpublished design
    2. Cost Development and materials
    3. Materials Suitable for outdoor use
      Generally reinforced concrete and steel plating, among other materials, To fuse the morphology of the work with the nature of the materials
    4. Quality Labor specialized in the production and use of top quality materials
    5. Minimum outdoor maintenance Effects of wind, rain, dust, and sunlight
    6. Environmental integration Transparency and visual lightness
    7. Verticality and horizontality Create reference points and accents where landscape and architectural elements do not take away from the work or vice versa, but rather both complement one another
    8. Scale In terms of constructed elements and elements of the surrounding landscape, but with the proportions of the human body being the first consideration
    9. Placement In terms of environment, establishing several visual axes, Must be viewable to its full height and from all directions, Openness in the surrounding space
    10. Involvement of natural, appropriate, meaningful, free, poetic expressions of the cultures that preceded the current age in the twenty-first century.

b) Sketch for sculpture, Deer

c) Sketch for sculpture, Orchide-Deer

Translated by Alan Lambson & Wesley Krueger.